Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wedding Day!

Arrived at Bernie's and sat around with hash browns and sausage and egg mcmuffins while Bernie had a little freak out that she had lost 1.5kg due to stress, all off her chest and that her dress didn't fit!

On our way to Museo for hair and makeup
Sitting around Bernie's living room with the bridesmaids before heading off to Museo. Everyone is really excited and it is going to be an awesome day! Bernie did a very good imitation of a fly as you can see!

Emma was done quick, while Judy is still going

So many bobby pins!

Judy and Bernie being made up

Part 1 complete! Anita and I are sitting in the relaxation room at Museo eating all the goodies after having our makeup done. Bernie, Emma and Judy were getting their hair done and they look awesome! Feeling very pampered and excited for the rest of the day!

Nearly done! Miracle of Miracles they could do something with my hair! Bernie is just finishing with her makeup and we are feasting on the awesome orange crisps!

An awesome feast of chicken and avocado rolls, fruit, apricot squares and meringues! A minor hiccup with Bernie's headband digging into her scalp but all fixed by Emma with some foam!

The dressing...a very funny sight to see! The bridesmaids were in their dresses very quickly and then we all had to help Bernie into her dress, which included Emma standing on the bed!

We're on our way! All dressed up with somewhere awesome to go! Bernie looks amazing and we haven't had any major wardrobe malfunctions! Bernie says "this is fun" as we drive along.

4:00pm CEREMONY!

Well Bernie and Mike are off for their photos without the bridal party (check some out here) but the bridesmaids are hanging around near where we had our photos in case we are needed. We all have sore feet but keep telling each other not to take our shoes off until we won't have to put them back on! We decided to head to the reception and end up having lots of silly photos with the groomsmen.

Having made our entrance into the reception and been served our drinks, the girls all get up from the table and start socialising while the boys stay put!

Now I have to admit...from here on out it gets a bit blurry! We had a fantastic night...we did the time warp, Mike bought me a Cosmo, we took Bernie's hair out (I wish I had counted those bobby pins!), we basically had an awesome time celebrating!

More photos from the day - enjoy!

Mr and Mrs Nye

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