Monday, 24 October 2011

On our own

Well, this weekend was a little different to the past month or so because we did not hang out together! I know what you're thinking, "that is not possible!" but it was. Now it is Monday night, we have been to yoga, eaten noodle box and are watching 27 Dresses in preparation for WEDDING WEEK!

So here is a run down of my (Sarah) weekend.

Saturday consisted of lots of running around- getting my dress altered, buying shoes for the wedding, buying some more work clothes (stuff doesn't fit!) then falling into an exhausted nap on the couch! Sunday started early to head over to Rottnest for the fun run. Meeting up with Robyn Power and cruising over to Rotto was such a good move. It was so great to hang out with Robyn, and we got to chat about where we are at and future plans and it made me realize how special it is to hang out with people who build you up and encourage you and not tear you down. Running in the 5km race, I was really happy with my run. I kept a steady pace and managed to run up the hill to the halfway point! My official time was 40:29 which was a new PB. Awesome work by Robyn with a time for the 10km of 52:04 and the 29th female across the line (out of 169)!!!!!!!!!!


So what's next for Sarah? Well, I am competing in the Pink Triathlon in 2 weeks and am really looking forward to it! I had a ride around Rotto yesterday and felt pretty good so BRING IT ON! My plan is to get my training on in the next five weeks so that when Bernie comes back from her honeymoon she is GOBSMACKED by my progress. So what do I have planned? Well, this Friday I am heading to Mindarie with Terri and whoever else wants to come for some beach walking and dune running - gotta smash it up before the wedding on Saturday! The following weekend is the triathlon and then the weekend after that I am doing the eagle hike again. Mixed in with that is my normal 2 PT sessions a week with my trainer Gill, some swimming, some running and some BOXING!


Bernie's wedding is in 5 days which is super exciting! I am planning on blogging throughout the day (although you will see it all at once!) with our adventures, photos and funny quotes for the day. Of course, we can't put any photos online until after the ceremony otherwise Mike will see Bernie before the ceremony and that just won't do! Still have heaps to do before then, including sleep so I need to sign off now.

Until you read again...


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