Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pre Season Bernie blog: Why I think 12WBT = success.

Hi I'm Bernie.

I decided to sign up for 12WBT with Sarah, mid last year. It felt like a fun, safe option for losing weight. I'd tried many things in the past, some worked, some didn't. I lost 25 kilos once, and put them all back on and then some. This made me really unhappy. I was back where i'd started - nearly 40 kilos over weight, and ill. Nothing I did in the past stuck had with me, so I was looking again for a fix.

!!! I think that's where Mish's program is different. It's not 'a fix' !!!

Other programs i've done havent required me to focus on -EVERYTHING- needed to successfully lose and maintain weight. I've done programs previously where food was packaged up and sent to my house, where I calculated food on a point system, or drank shakes, or got rid of certain foods in my diet. I also went to a gym where I was told to do nothing but resistance training. Knowing what I do now, I cringe. Where was my responsibility in these programs!?!? Where was the education!?  To lose weight successfully you need to follow a beautiful, simple equation:

persevere + eat well + exercise = healthy and slim.  (wow!?!?!?)

The 12WBT program offers a whole picture in regard to weight loss - the psychological element, the physical element and the nutritional element.

I slipped up occasionally over the past year. And life got in the way, as did injury. Sometimes you have to be realistic and not too hard on yourself! But, I've added perseverence to my equation for 2012 and I know I'm going to get to goal. Right now I am sitting at 100 kilos. Before the round starts, i'd like to lose 5 kilos. It is a bit of a challenge, but I think I can do it. I'm a librarian, which means spending most of my time at a desk, or wandering quietly around shelving, whilst discussing research with eager beavers. I'm newly married, which means thinking about not just me - and fitting in my exercise so that I still get ample time to spend with my husband. I decided my word this year is TENACITY. Tenacious B - that's me :-)


This year I need to focus on nutrition more than ever. I've felt sluggish and ill for most of my life. I'd developed a normal, that wasn't really normal. I've found out this week that I am allergic to lots of different foods, and eliminating them from my diet will certainly help me regain my health and energy. Unfortunately, these foods are very common and very delicious.

They are:


So, I will be trialling different allergy free foods and rating them as a part of this blog. I will include some websites and recipes that I think are awesome.

Please let me know if you guys know of any substitutes or recipes I might like!!!

Best of luck this round guys :-)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Preseason Task 1: Sarah :)

Well I will be posting a video later in the week but thought I'd start here smile

My name is Sarah and I am 30 years old. I live in the northern suburbs of Perth

I am a music teacher, Head of House at my school, run my own business and am completing my masters (a bit busy I know!)

I am doing 12WBT because I need to take control of my health and my life. I want to be the very best version of myself that I can be. I love what 12WBT offers and I am looking forward to this round!

Since December 28 I have lost 3kg which I am stoked about smile Now sitting just above my lowest round 3 weight (I think around week 8 before I completely lost the plot!). January for me is school holidays, so I have been taking control of my routine, getting used to waking up early (5am on holidays is super early!) and training hard. I am loving my life! I have great 12WBT family in the Perth Crew who are so encouraging and make me believe that I can do this!

Looking forward to a great round smile


Friday, 6 January 2012

Sarah and Bernie's Workout Adventures (Video Blog)

Check out our Video Blog for our workout places in Perth!

A huge shout out to the Perth Crew members featured - especially Lesley, who helped us at Hyde Park (and joined us today for the home style workout)

Perth Crew Challenge
Terms and Conditions
1. Participate :)
2. Record your results

(we keep things simple around here!)

Jacobs Ladder Spreadsheet

DNA Tower Spreadsheet

Sarah and Bernie

Thursday, 5 January 2012

cantankerous !

Bernie is shy. Really.

Although some people might find this hard to believe, I actually hate being the center of attention. I get embarrassed easily, and I hate it when people single me out in front of others. Being told today that my last blog was going to be used to motivate me tomorrow when I work out, struck a chord in me a bit. It made me feel frowny (for the aformentioned reasons). But that was the part of me that my husband calls 'petulant'. Good thing the stubborn me is stronger than the petulant me. The stubborn me told the world I was going to be a winner on Mish's stage (dear Lord, really??), and the stubborn me doesn't like being proven wrong almost as much as it doesn't like being told what to do... or helped. Quite an internal conflict really. So, friends, if I frown, it's not because I don't love you. I really, really do want to be fit and awesome. I'm just.... a little, ah, shy.

Bernie.  xx

Monday, 2 January 2012

Woman of my Word

Woman of your word
If you screw up...own it, learn from it, let it go and move forward
If you see an event and click attend....ATTEND!! OR click maybe
If you cant attend, Dont make excuses, Just click no
If you have a challenge, dont eat it, bring it here. You will be surprised who else had that problem
Say what you are going to do, then do it!
 Okay, so there has been a lot of talk in the Perth Crew about being a woman of your word, and the above was posted by Lesley on our Facebook group yesterday. Today was a turning point for me in overcoming obstacles and getting on with it because I said I would (and it's only 8am!)
Nat and I had planned our run for 5:30am this morning and said we were going to run the whole 8km. The most we have run on our route is 6km about 6 weeks ago and it was broken up into intervals. On Friday we ran 2.5km and then I did the NYE run on Saturday (4km), feeling at the time like I just couldn't run 8km.
So last night I decided to get an early night, have some pampering time before bed and get a good nights rest. Well, the best laid plans right? I ended up lying in bed at 1am after being in bed with the light out at 10pm...and I was still awake. I didn't turn the TV on, I just laid there. I turned some music on after awhile to try and relax my mind from going round and round in manic circles but it just wouldn't settle. alarm goes off. I just wanted to curl over and go back to sleep but I had put it out there and said I would meet Nat, and a LOT of people knew about it too! So, I got out of bed and got myself organised (and yes, I was late because I was moving so slowly!)
 Off we went to start our run and from the start it was MIND GAMES! I just had to keep telling myself to shut up and get on with it because I wanted to quit after 100m! I knew I could run 4km because I did it only a few days ago. So on and on we went, refusing to stop and walk. I was so proud of us when we got to the 4km mark and turned around. We were both exhausted but I also knew more than ever that we could keep going and we could run the last 4km to get back. So off we went.
Nat and I lost each other fairly early on in the second 4km because Nat naturally runs a little faster than me and she just took off! I think she just wanted it all to be over! So, it was just me and the little voice in my head, trying to tell me that I couldn't do it and that I should quit. The funny thing is, while my head was telling me to quit, my body wasn't. I was feeling in pretty good shape. Yes, my ankle was starting to hurt and I could feel the blister starting in its usual spot on my inner arch, but I was in control of my breathing, which meant that even with my heart rate consistently sitting at 165 I was doing fine.
The last km is a nasty double hill, just when you think you are up and over there is still a bit more around the corner! Well, I was just getting to the top of the first hill and about to turn the corner when two of the cyclists that we see regularly on our run came up from behind me and one of them called out 'you're doing great' and it was just what I needed. I powered up and over the hill to finish the last 500m feeling fantastic.
When we were sitting having a drink afterward and reflecting on the run, Natalie's mum looked over at me and said 'you look so fresh' to which my response was 'I feel fantastic' and I really did. I had achieved something amazing, and my running goals for the year are looking really attainable and I am looking forward to what 2012 is going to bring.
Until next time,