Thursday, 5 January 2012

cantankerous !

Bernie is shy. Really.

Although some people might find this hard to believe, I actually hate being the center of attention. I get embarrassed easily, and I hate it when people single me out in front of others. Being told today that my last blog was going to be used to motivate me tomorrow when I work out, struck a chord in me a bit. It made me feel frowny (for the aformentioned reasons). But that was the part of me that my husband calls 'petulant'. Good thing the stubborn me is stronger than the petulant me. The stubborn me told the world I was going to be a winner on Mish's stage (dear Lord, really??), and the stubborn me doesn't like being proven wrong almost as much as it doesn't like being told what to do... or helped. Quite an internal conflict really. So, friends, if I frown, it's not because I don't love you. I really, really do want to be fit and awesome. I'm just.... a little, ah, shy.

Bernie.  xx

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