Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pre Season Bernie blog: Why I think 12WBT = success.

Hi I'm Bernie.

I decided to sign up for 12WBT with Sarah, mid last year. It felt like a fun, safe option for losing weight. I'd tried many things in the past, some worked, some didn't. I lost 25 kilos once, and put them all back on and then some. This made me really unhappy. I was back where i'd started - nearly 40 kilos over weight, and ill. Nothing I did in the past stuck had with me, so I was looking again for a fix.

!!! I think that's where Mish's program is different. It's not 'a fix' !!!

Other programs i've done havent required me to focus on -EVERYTHING- needed to successfully lose and maintain weight. I've done programs previously where food was packaged up and sent to my house, where I calculated food on a point system, or drank shakes, or got rid of certain foods in my diet. I also went to a gym where I was told to do nothing but resistance training. Knowing what I do now, I cringe. Where was my responsibility in these programs!?!? Where was the education!?  To lose weight successfully you need to follow a beautiful, simple equation:

persevere + eat well + exercise = healthy and slim.  (wow!?!?!?)

The 12WBT program offers a whole picture in regard to weight loss - the psychological element, the physical element and the nutritional element.

I slipped up occasionally over the past year. And life got in the way, as did injury. Sometimes you have to be realistic and not too hard on yourself! But, I've added perseverence to my equation for 2012 and I know I'm going to get to goal. Right now I am sitting at 100 kilos. Before the round starts, i'd like to lose 5 kilos. It is a bit of a challenge, but I think I can do it. I'm a librarian, which means spending most of my time at a desk, or wandering quietly around shelving, whilst discussing research with eager beavers. I'm newly married, which means thinking about not just me - and fitting in my exercise so that I still get ample time to spend with my husband. I decided my word this year is TENACITY. Tenacious B - that's me :-)


This year I need to focus on nutrition more than ever. I've felt sluggish and ill for most of my life. I'd developed a normal, that wasn't really normal. I've found out this week that I am allergic to lots of different foods, and eliminating them from my diet will certainly help me regain my health and energy. Unfortunately, these foods are very common and very delicious.

They are:


So, I will be trialling different allergy free foods and rating them as a part of this blog. I will include some websites and recipes that I think are awesome.

Please let me know if you guys know of any substitutes or recipes I might like!!!

Best of luck this round guys :-)

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