Saturday, 1 October 2011


A BERNIE THOUGHT... My shoulders hurt a bit and I have a sore hip. Sarah probably has a sore lady chest appendage, as I um... missed the actual target when I was throwing a punch today (does this mean we are even because she packed me a full punch in the arm when we were at emazon?). Oops.

Hi again from Sarah & Bernie. We have been having a lot of fun this weekend with boxing gloves! It is AMAZING how many calories you can burn from punching with gusto, and combining the punching with intervals of cardio is a recipe for... fitness and success! It is also a lot of fun :-)

A SARAH THOUGHT...Why oh why did I go rock climbing after two boxing sessions? Or, more to the point...why did I then go to Jacob's ladder????

So, this morning we were joined for breakfast at my (Sarah) house by our awesome friend Kate Farley, who came to Kimax and Rock climbing. Chef Sarah cooked up a storm after PunchFit which had my parents asking (via text as they are in Adelaide) why I don't cook for them while they are home! An awesome breakfast for only 314 calories and it was sooooo good!

This afternoon Chef Sarah made up 'Sarah's Sweet-Tooth Snack' for the weekly challenge, the photo with recipe is below - only 137 calories and full of deliciousness!

Kimax at Morley

Punchfit NOR

Awesomeness for 314 calories

137 calories of yumminess

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