Saturday, 1 October 2011

BOLLYWOOD (and could and did!)

This entry is a little late (sorry!) but we've been busy little 12wbt-ers and haven't had time to jump on and report our findings! Bernie's BOLLYWOOD hens party was AWESOME. Despite an amazing amount of RED FLAG craziness (including delicious pastries, cupcakes and nibbles and a never ending booze bar) neither of us gained weight! Perhaps it was something to do with our fitness focus this weekend.

Exercise it:
  • Did our very first PUNCHFIT at Carine Open Space. It was AWESOME. We burned a few extra calories with a little jog around the oval, and took in some beautiful fresh morning air. 
  • Did a super hilarious and fun Bollywood dance (and didn't wear our heart rate monitors, after much debate). We learned some silly moves... 'apple picking', 'the camel', 'the gorilla', 'point to your toes', 'isn't my hand lovely?' and 'run around like crazy women' (have had much practice being nuts, so this was easy).
  • Considered doing the DNA tower the next afternoon -  but Perth's weather made it unsafe. Boooo!

Food wise...
  •  Sarah (as a bridesmaid), made sure the party was well stocked with fruit and veg and sparkling water, so we always had good options available. Thanks Sarah !
  • The next day: we made pretty little baggies of sugar almonds for Bernie's wedding and didn't eat many (Bernie ate ONE! - as quality adviser, naturally!)

 The funniest thing that night though, was the 'gift bag' from the dance instructor. Inside, was a sequin encrusted 2 piece set (boob tube and pants) the size of a.. um... 4 year old? When I, Bernie, get to my goal weight, (Lord help us) I plan to put it on and dance around for the fun of it. For that evening though.... I wore it on my head !!!

Here are some happy snaps from the evening...

The set up...

Our standard shot!


Signing off... bindi wearing, bolly struttin' groovesters that we are, 
Bernie & Sarah

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