Saturday, 15 October 2011

Eagle View Hike

What an achievement! Today we hiked the 15k loop at John Forrest National Park. It took us 5 hours to complete, and was quite challenging at times because there was little shade, and many high inclines to walk. The views were absolutely amazing. We learned a few things:

1. Moondyne Joe the bushranger blazed the trails that we were walking.
2. Honkey nuts don't exist in Adelaide.
3. What Bernie thought was a nut in her shoe, turned out to be a MASSIVE blister which requires attention and is most unpleasant! Yuck.
4. Orange juice, wine & beer go down a treat after a 15k walk.
5. Sometimes rocks look like houses.

Now... Bernie must go lance her goiter. Sarah will continue this enlightening entry...

So 12 days ago I headed off on the Bibbulmun Track with Terri and Dorianne and hiked for 10km with a 10kg pack on my back. Today, in comparison I only had about 1kg on my back (I think) and we hiked for 15km. I had a great time but my short hamstrings are now quite sore again so I am looking forward to Yoga on Monday night.

We are now in the final countdown for Bernie's wedding which is in 2 weeks today. In fact, as I am writing this I notice the time is 4:17pm which means this time in 2 weeks Bernie will be getting married! My dress is so big, and it falls off my shoulders so it will be getting taken in sometime this week. Still on my to-do list for the wedding is to write my speech, record the music for Bernie and us girls to walk down the aisle to and buy my shoes!

So what is next in the adventure's of Sarah and Bernie? Well, Term 4 starts on Monday so I (Sarah) am heading back to school and Bernie will be heading off on her honeymoon so will be away for a month. There will be a wedding blog and then I will be lonesome :( My plan is to lose a lot of weight in the month Bernie is away so that I look heaps different when she anyone who wants to be my workout buddy let me know!

  1. We made some new friends, and got to hang out with friends like Elaine and Terri
  2. Finishing
  3. Date loaf (Bernie friendly = Dairy free)
  4. Bernie lives next to a nurse
  5. Dairy Free Orange Chocolate (at Bernie's house!)
  1. 15km up and down hills is HARD!
  2. Blisters hurt
  3. Sarah does not have long hamstrings

You know you want are the pics!

Yep...our normal pic! Couldn't do a trip anywhere without this shot!

Our final calorie count. Total burnt 4526!

Some of the girls afterwards!
Elaine, Terri, Kathy, Sarah, Bernie and Jade

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