Sunday, 16 October 2011

We beat the Texans!

This afternoon 1401 people Zumba'd for Telethon, out in the heat at the Perth Convention Centre. We mingled with celebrities and got our jiggy on!

A few technical issues along the way, mainly due to Transperth stopping trains between Stirling and Perth! So...4 trains and 2 buses later including keeping our balance standing on the bus, we survived.

At the moment we are sitting on the train with Elaine, waiting for the train to move! We will have to finish this later though, so we can add our photo with George (Kabo on Packed to the Rafters).


At the train station with Elaine

On the bus to Perth from Stirling

The Perth Crew with George!

Well, until next time...

Sarah and Bernie

P.S. If you would like to train with me (Sarah) while Bernie is away on her honeymoon and make a guest appearance on this blog let me know!


  1. Sarah, what do you do and when, I am hoping the doc gives me the go ahead to start back doing more than just walking after Wednesday's appointment,
    bec xx

  2. You girls are a crack up. I would have been there but NZ was busy kicking Aussie butt in the world cup and I couldnt be anywhere else.

    Love your work, adore your enthusiasm!!

  3. Bec - planning a big walk the day before Bernie's wedding on the 28th October...and the Eagle Hike with Terri on the 12th November. Otherwise anything! We could tackle Jacobs together again!