Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sarah's STRENGTH goals

So this year is all about strength for me and like many Perth crew girls, I have a leather pandora bracelet with the first letter S.

To earn the other letters I have come up with some goals, and the first one will be achieved this Sunday when I compete in a TRIATHLON! I am doing the Women's Triathlon at Hillarys where I will swim 300m, cycle 7km and run 3km.

The letters won't be achieved in order (because I needed to find letters for specific goals...because I'm a bit special like that) so the word may look interesting at times! All my goals will test my strength of will to complete or to get to but I am up for the challenge!

My other goals are:

T - Triathlon (February)
R - Run 10km (Bridges 1 April)
E - Endurance ride (70km) Freeway Bike Hike (March)
N - Never Give Up - Round 1 Finale in Melbourne (it was hard to find an N word...and that is a catch phrase for me!)
G - Goal weight (60kg)
T - Tunnel Run - HBF Run for a Reason 14km (May)
H - Half Marathon x2 (Perth and Melbourne!)

Goal 1: Triathlon = COMPLETE!!!!
Watch my video blog!

 Official times...

My run pace was 4:29!!!! No wonder I was hurting! My time trial was 5:51 for 1 km and I did 3 in 13:28!!! So stoked with that!

Photos of the Tri (will be updated as I get more, so y'all come back now ya hear?!)

Before the race - Perth Crew girls

Crazy transition
Off for the cycle

Cycle - done!
Crossing the finishing line (Toni is 2 behind me!)


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  1. Congratulations on yoru efforts at the triathlon, I LOVE the idea of the pandora bracelet. A great way to reward and remind yourself of your goals, and it will be a great way to share them with others when they comment on your wrist :-)

    Keep up the good work x