Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fitness Test revelations

Well today we had the NOR Fitness Test at Carine Open Space. Lesley, as always, was super organised and with the help of the awesome Toni we got things going!

It was so great to see people doing their fitness test together and owning their results. I was timing the wall sit and push ups and there were some great results! Our champion wall sit for the day was Tarryn with 7:13! My legs were in so much pain doing the wall sit and my goal was to get over 2 minutes. In round 3 I did 1:37 and I mainly wanted to beat that. Well, I made it to 2:32 with the girls telling me I looked really comfortable and I said to them "You get to the point in your training where you refuse to give up" and that really was me today.

I've never done push ups on my toes in my fitness test before so today I gave it a go. I basically did the same amount of push ups in the minute but with the first 10 on my toes. My goal for week 4 is to do them all on my toes!

The time trial was the biggest revelation for me. Now, I know I have been doing a lot of running but generally I am fairly slow. My 1km time trial is obviously always faster than my average pace when doing a 5km run but I haven't done much 'fast' running lately so wasn't expecting a PB. Well, in round 3 I got my time down to 6:19 from 7:02 (round 2 was over 8 minutes) and today when I crossed the line Toni said 5:51. My response was 'what?' several times as she kept telling me the time. I just couldn't believe I had cracked the 6 minute mark!

My flexibility has improved as well (remarkably so!) with my sit and reach going from -10 to +16! I guess doing some yoga, making sure I stretch well and going to get pummeled by Tara has helped!

Overall the afternoon was an amazing success! It was great to see so many there, newbies and return members.

So...Round 1 is upon us in about 36 hours and I am ready to go! I'm really excited about doing Lean and Fit (don't really qualify according to fitness test results but I know I can do more than the intermediate program) with some of the running sessions from the 10km running program.

I'll be in Melbourne for week 9 of the program or thereabouts, on a school trip and I am going to make sure I am in great shape for that trip!

Until the next time you read my random ramblings...


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