Monday, 26 December 2011

Sarah's Christmas Ramblings

Well Christmas has meant one thing this much food to avoid! The last two weeks of school were the last weeks of Round 3 and I kinda fell off the wagon big time. There was food EVERYWHERE! I wasn't training properly and I was putting absolute crap into my body. So what did I learn? My body does not like that food anymore (if it ever really did!)

So, Christmas day comes around and we have a heap of food in our house. Thankfully I didn't do too badly, even went for a walk in the late arvo before gearing up for the second family do for the day, this time with heaps of extended family. I stayed away from the alcohol in the evening because after 3 glasses at lunch I felt a bit ill.

Boxing Day is TODAY and I decided to make the most of my new Kettle Bell (awesome present from my mum!) and designed a workout for the morning. I did about 25 minutes inside and then headed out for my walk (about 25 minutes around a circular loop my street comes off).

Here is my workout as shared with the 12WBTers on the forums

Warm up (1 minute each exercise)
Ice skaters
Ski jumps
Knee ups

Circuit 1(20 reps) - 6 kg KETTLE BELL
Kettle bell swing squats
Squat press
Reverse lunges with kettle bell

Cardio blast (1 minute each exercise)
Ski jumps

Circuit 2 (15 reps) - 4kg DUMBBELLS
Dead lifts
Bicep curls
Chest press

Cardio blast (1 minute each exercise)
Knee ups
Butt kickers

Circuit 3 (12 reps) 6kg KETTLE BELL
Stationary lunges with kettle bell
Kettle bell twists
Single arm kettle bell swings

Abs (20 of each)
Medicine ball crunches
Bicycle crunches
Side planks (15 secs approx. each)
Plank (as long as I could hold it but didn’t time)

Cardio - 3km walk

It was a BIG workout but I felt TERRIFIC afterwards! I am looking forward to our Perth Crew workout on Wednesday in Kings Park, my walk with Nat tomorrow and the NYE run and hang out with the Perth Crew to see in the new year - how can you go wrong?!?

Hanging out with Bernie on Wednesday for the Workout so I'm sure we'll be back with new ramblings soon...and on our agenda is finding Bernie a gym! Since I am on holidays I am making it my mission to help her find one - more workouts for me!

2012 is going to be MY YEAR! I am going to eat clean, train hard and have fun! I have a trip to America next December which is a great long term goal to aim for.

Until next time...


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