Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mini Milestone Week!

Sunday November 6 2011

Well this morning I competed in my first triathlon! I signed up for the long course in the Pink triathlon and was so nervous about it! The course was a 300m swim, 10km ride and a 3km run. Now, individually I can do all these things well but put it all together and I was stuffed at the run!

The Swim
Well, firstly let me say that people can be RUDE! I was kicked, hit and ploughed into during my six laps. The worst was as I reached the steps to leave the pool someone basically pushed me out of the way (the apologised but didn't let me through first). Anyway, out of the pool and running to transition was I!

The Cycle
I so wish I had a road bike, or at least a hybrid! It was great being cheered on by various Perth Crew members as I kept cycling along - especially Peta Pring yelling at me to JFDI! Three laps of the route and I was headed back to transition.

The Run
Now, I am a decent jogger. I can shuffle it up with the best of them! However, when you have swum and cycled already, running is HARD! The first lap I had to walk part of it, then at the start of the second lap someone passed me telling me not to stop but to keep shuffling! That was all I needed and I just kept going! final time was 1:14:59 which I was ecstatic with! I have signed up for the training at Arena Joondalup for the Women's Tri in March so I will be attempting at least the short course (same as what i have just done) or the long course which is 750m/21km/5km which will be a CHALLENGE!

Of course, no Perth Crew event would be complete without some awesome planking as seen below. These ladies are AWESOME and it was so great being cheered across the finish line. I love you guys heaps and I wouldn't have been able to do this without your support!


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