Thursday, 29 December 2011

Oh Yes WE DID!!!!

We made our first ever video blog :)

Watch it...seriously

It will be an epic 6 minutes of awesomeness :)

It's true...really...

Click here to watch :)

Sarah and Bernie


  1. Hi Guys! Just saw the video blog on the 12WBT FB page. Look forward to the next one. Good luck in 2012 to you both. I have just signed up for my first go at 12WBT and a inspired by many to give this a red hot go. Sam .

  2. Great video ladies (thanks to Mish giving you a shout out), your giggling is infectious :) I'm sure you two will smash up 2012!!

  3. Welldone you are both very inspirational, motivational and truly awesome, I have signed up for Round 1 2012 and can't wait to start.
    Good luck for the rest of your journey.

  4. It was awesome! Can't wait for more.

  5. Thanks everyone! 2012 should be awesome!!